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The progressive web comic about the GOP ignoring Trump's Russian connections.

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Quacking Up!

Former Narional Security Advisor Michael Flynn was operating as an unregisted foreign agent. That's a felony.
Flynn registered as a foreign agent retroactively on Wednesday. This is, no doubt, part of a plea deal.

Somewhere he's singing like a bird.


Republican Wayne Brady, Chairman of the Way and Means Committee, on job growth:

2017. Unemployment at 4.7%. 235,000 jobs created: "This is a great report. Our economy is moving in the right direction."

2016. Unemployment at 4.9%. 242,000 jobs created. "It's disappointing to see so little growth."

Hmmmm, I wonder what the difference between the two reports might be. Hmmmm. It's a complete mystery.


While I'm afraid the GOP will wreck Obamacare and call it Trumpcare I'm equally afraid they'll wreck Obamacare and continue to call it Obamacare.


And you know this is true because only white Presidents will tell the truth. Click image for larger version.


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