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The progressive web comic about Trump killing Obamacare

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Sick. Sick. Sick.

One of the things the new Republican health care bill leaves out is a requirement to be insured. They did this primarily to make the bill sound appealing to dumb people, like t-Rump voters, who felt it was "Un-American to have to buy insurance!", forgetting they already have to pay for both home and auto insurance.

And, oh yeah, health insurance.

The ACA isn't perfect but all the fixing it needs is for Republicans to require that all states accept the Medicaid expansion and to return the of risk corridor provision.

What's this risk corridor thingy?

It's money the government promised the insurance companies to pay for already sick people to come online, paid for by modest taxes to the rich and certain vanity surgical procedures. Unfortunately, Republican Marco Rubio slipped a provision into a recent spending bill that killed the corridor. That's why premium's suddenly jumped in 2016 and insurance companies began to get cold feet.

So it's to these t-Rrump voter's I say "Congratulations, geniuses! You can go bankrupt from medical care again! Yayyyyyy!"


Speaking of t-Rump, the Park Service just released the official photos for both the 2017 and 2009 Presidential inauguration crowds. What's easily apparent is that the Obama crowd is easily four times larger, and it was bitterly cold that day in 2009. This is all the proof you need that there was no enthusiasm for the t-Rump and I, for one, blame the electronic voting machines. The election results in the rust-belt states stunk to high Heaven.

We need to return to paper votes and hand-counting, something the Dutch recently announced they'll be doing. They're nervous about what happened in the U.S. (Unlike the GOP) so good for them.


Remember when you were about ten years old and you vaguely became aware of this thing called a President? Remember how cool you thought it would be to be President and be able do whatever you wanted?

Yeah, t-Rump is a ten-year-old playing at being President.


Finally, a few words about why I recently missed a full ten days worth of comics.

Like it or not, the daily buffoonery of this current president drives the news cycle, and though you think it would be easy to just picture him as an idiot day in and day out, it's not.

I'm a progressive and thus my nature is to strive for a better tomorrow while doing my best to ridicule hate and ignorance. But Hate and Ignorance stole the election and are now conspiring to loot the Treasury (again) unthwarted as they have the judges and the cops in their pockets.

In essence, it's hard to worry about the polar bears when that child in the Oval Office has the nuclear codes.

But I'm not giving up.
I'll be here for the duration. And to my Patreon patrons, thanks for hanging in there with me.



end rant

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