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Hack the Vote!

I keep hearing this bullshit argument that Hillary wasn't a good candidate for president when, in fact, she would have done a great job. This is just the corporate media's way of deflecting attention away from a stolen election, to make Democrats feel they were wrong to support her instead of focusing more closely on the quisling in the room.


Before you go any farther please read this short interview that predicted, back in February of 2016, that there could be voting irregularities in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona.


Now on with the rant.


At what point did the Republicans first tip their hands that the election would be stolen?

Was it when seventeen Republican and quasi-Republican candidates inexplicably hit the campaign trail? Each of whom was only slightly more popular than rabies according to the polls?

Was it when Mitch McConnell said he'd let the Republican president choose the replacement for Judge Alito Scalia when the front-runners at that time were trailing far behind Hillary Clinton?

Was it during the debates when Trump was asked if he'd support Hillary if she won the election and he refused to say yes, even though he was ten points back and acting like a dyspeptic bull during the debates?

Was it when the Republican Party refused to require Trump release his taxes?

Or was it, strangely enough, when Trump said the election was going to be rigged? (Which I perceived as him knowing full-well about the hacking and simply smirking behind his hands at dumb old voters.)

Whatever the moment it's clear that GOP leadership knew well in advance that the voting machines had been compromised in the rust-belt states. (They tried to flip votes in Ohio in 2012 but Anonymous, by some accounts, cut them off at the pass.)

The 2016 election was not won fair and square by conservatives. This was a coup that has been in the making since November of 2000 when the Republican Party used the bizarre Florida election results as an opportunity to force electronic voting down our throats. They waited patiently until they had a perfect idiot (Dubya was imperfectly idiotic) to do their bidding. And BOY did they succeed.

What we need to do, immediately, is to demand a return to good old, hand-counted, paper ballots. We need it most urgently for Congress and the Presidency but separate ballots for regional offices can be machine-counted as long as the software is hard-coded in ROM. (Currently, software is on cards that can be easily removed and reprogrammed.)

That is, if we're ever allowed to ever vote again.


BTW, for lack of space in the cartoon also add:

(1) $50 million dollars wasted on a full year of Benghazi hearings.
(2) Crosscheck.
(3) A cable network, Fox News, devoted to spreading disinformation against Democrats.


end rant

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Trump voter: You Democrats need better presidential candidates.
Lefty: Dude, Hillary was better prepared to be president than anyone in this country.
She won the popular vote by three million votes.
She lost due to the nutting of Voting Rights Act, FBI fuckery, Russian hacking, a so-called Republican candidate who lied about EVERYTHING to gullible voters.
I mean the kind with a penis.
Yes, of course you did.