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I have been giddily astonished at all the clumsy mistakes that Thunder Thumbs and his toadies have been making concerning their collusion with the Russians. It's almost like t-Rump WANTS attention turned towards his Russkie pals.

And then, just as I'm falling asleep last night, it hit me....

What if the Russian story is just a red herring? What if it's just a massive bolus of kabuki theatre meant to divert our attention from the real story, which was the near impossibility of Twitler winning all those electoral college points by mere slivers of the vote, less than 1 per cent in five key states, ultimately "winning" the presidency by losing by three million votes.

To me the real story are the obviously-hacked computer voting machines, and all you have to do is look at how the Republicans are legislating to understand how true that is.



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