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The progressive web comic about the trouble with impeaching Trump.

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Impeach Faster

Hello again, everybody! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I decided to celebrate the occasion by not killing and cooking an animal.


25 years of Democrats: 3 indictments, 1 conviction, 1 prison sentence.

28 years of GOP: 120 indictments, 89 convictions, 34 prison sentences.... so far.


In calling Senator Warren "Pocahontas" t-Rump is signaling we are now allowed to call him whatever we like. I think I'll start with "Venomous Pus-whistle".


This country lost the argument on gun control when Republicans decided that killing a school-room full of little children was an acceptable cost for the 2nd Amendment.

If Roy Moore wins the election in Alabama we'll have lost the argument on pedophilia, too, because Republicans consider that the cost for passing conservative legislation.


I think we've adequately ascertained that Roy Moore is a skunk. What's surprising is how many Alabama voters have no sense of smell.


If Russia swapped places on the globe with Mexico then I'd say build that freakin' wall, and build it using laser-sharks and rabid wolverines. It's clear the real threat to this country are Russians, not Mexicans.


I wandered through a great many stores at the mall this past weekend. Without question the one playing the best music was Hot Topic.

Nice to know I'm still a little bit 13 inside.


The thing about Charles Manson is that we caught him alive. We learned how his mind doesn't work and the demented reasons why he murdered those people.

Today's mass murderers (Adam Lanza, Omar Mateen, Stephen Paddock) seem to kill on a whim, leaving no conceivable rationale behind. Officially, that is.

Funny, huh?


"Trump will be remembered by the entire world as a tiny fingered self dealing vulgarian forever embroiled in conflicts of his own making who lied and bumbled his way into office with the help of Vladimir Putin and auditoriums full of cheering rejects from a WWF audience with GOP kick me signs taped to their backs and the FOX “NEWS” logo burned into their retina. No more than a game show host whose only real success in life was a reality TV show...a sort of male Kim Kardasian with a bigger ass and even bigger ego.....Who cheats at golf." - cd411


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

We have to impeach Trump!
Can't. The GOP gerrymandered the Congress to death.
Then let's apply a little legal pressure
Nope. Republicans have packed the courts with right-wing zealots.
Then we gotta go to the media.
Too late. Republicans just let their friends buy it all.
Crap! So what can we do?
That's easy...Vote.
Both parties are the same!
Voting? Voting doesn't change anything.
(Fuck me.)