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The progressive web comic about the Republican tax refrom bill.

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Christmas Reform

Try to imagine ALL the Christmas presents bought by Americans in 2017 and put it in a big pile. Now triple the size of that pile. It's so massive it's hard to conceive but it's probably on the scale of a small city.

That pile represents how much money the richest Americans will make, for free, from the Republican tax reform plan. Three years of every Christmas present in America, approximately $500 billion per year, and the Republican Party is going to give it away.

Along with your health insurance.

Merry Xmas.


McConnell in 2010: "Don’t vote on ACA until Scott Brown (R) is seated."

And thus it came to pass.

McConnell in 2017: "Don’t seat Doug Jones (D) until vote on tax bill."

And thus he is an ass.


Roy Moore has reportedly yet to concede the Senatorial election to Doug Jones. I'm guessing he's still waiting for the KGB to deliver those Wisconsin electoral votes.


Let me get this straight... some FBI agents investigated t-Rump, came to the conclusion that he's a loathsome human, and now the GOP is acting surprised?

Next thing you know the GOP will be surprised to learn that water is wet and that grass reflects blue and red light making it appear green.


You know what this Republican tax reform bill is going to do for the 99%s? It's not going to create more jobs. It will ultimately result in the old and sick going hungry and thousands of people losing their homes and savings to medical bankruptcy.

That's not a mistake, that's the plan.


end rant

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Santa: What? Bill the kids for toys and give all the money to...who the hell are the Koch brothers?
GOP elephant elf: Isn't it great? We call it "Christmas Reform"!