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The progressive web comic about the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas by Stephen Paddock.

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Broken Windows

"Multiple machine guns in a Las Vegas hotel room is not 'a well regulated militia.' There's no fucking way the Second Amendment was written to protect this." - Adam McKay


Okay, the story about Stephen Paddock is starting to look a little undersprung. Details are spilling out that don't quite paint a full picture of a man who'd single-handedly perform such a heinous act. And he committed suicide rather than go out in a blaze of glory fighting a SWAT team? Seems... odd.


Here are my thoughts and prayers for today:

" I thought we ought to have passed strict gun control laws a long time ago. Meanwhile I'm praying for lunch because I know that will definitely happen."

Lefty's Three Laws of Guns:

(1) You can't outrun a bullet.

(2) You can't shield yourself from a gun attack with a gun.

(3) The bad guys always shoot first. (This oftentimes includes the police)


I humbly apologize to all my visitors who have come to expect three political comics a week, you know, like I advertise. But these are not ordinary times and I admit to despairing a bit due to a nakedly power-hungry GOP.


end rant

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Mandalay Bay hotel with gunshots ringing out. In front stands a smilling GOP elephant as a flood of blood rises ever upwards. He thinks "Everything is just fine."
Stephen Paddock Las Vegas