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The progressive web comic about Trump being hit on head by golf balls.

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"Good morning, class of 2087, to DNA History 401. I'm presently beaming to your optical buffers an early 21st century, two-dimensional comic image that was specifically created in response to an animated GIF showing former Donald Trump bouncing a golf ball off the back of former President Hillary Clinton's head. Mr. Trump posted the animation to his social media account months before he was found guilty of all the various crimes seen listed on the various golf balls. As strange as it may seem it was acceptable at the time among a surprisingly large population of American white males to engage in this sort of gleeful misogyny.

As a result of the cartoon, which won several major awards, including a Pulitzer, a Grammy (audio book), and a Tony (stage adaptation), Donald Trump suffered a major hissy-fit, resigned from office, and subsequently spent the next seven months before his trial unable to rise from his 17th-century Louis XIV daybed, subsisting on tiny-finger sandwiches while repeatedly watching 'The Sorrow and the Pity' accompanied by Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon.'

That's all for this nano-segment. Our next data stream will cover the passage of the 'No More Vile, Narcissistic Assholes for President Act.'"


Last time I Ranted, almost two weeks ago, the City Council of my city of Dallas had almost unanimously agreed to remove a prominent Confederate statue from a prominent city park. Little did I know at the time that monied conservative forces would frantically begin greasing legal hands enough to stay the removal but, alas for them, more sensible heads prevailed and Commander Lee was last seen retreating the battle on the back of a flatbed truck, headed for barracks unknown.


Here's what bothers me right now.... Trump and his pals are keen on transforming America into Putin's version of Nazi Germany, and I think they'll succeed. You know why?

Because George W. Bush and his cronies got away with their complicity in the attacks of 9-11, which turned the U.S. into a police state and the Bill of Rights into so much toilet paper.

Not one high official lost their job as a result of the attacks of 9-11, and afterwards the media fell right in line with the "official story" as did the suddenly conservative House and Senate, which turned a universal blind eye to what was obvious to so many; that the White House was taking advantage of a catastrophe that should never have happened in order to drive a political agenda. One that eventually shifted trillions of dollars from the Treasury right into the pockets of the rich.

It was clear to any human with a critical eye that something was suspicious about the way the Twin Towers fell, in the same way that it's clear that DJT is mentally unstable. Yet the media reliably parroted the idea that skyscrapers disintegrate into their own footprints every day while also currently quoting our illegitimately elected prez as though he weren't out of his narcissistic mind.

Six people essentially control everything you watch, BTW.

Yes, George Robert Mueller is hot on Trump's tail but the Congress calls the final shots on his conviction and there's already circumstantial evidence aplenty that Pence/Ryan/McConnell are almost as culpable as Trump himself of Russian collusion. I doubt they'll tighten the knot when they know one is waiting for them, too.


end rant

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