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The progressive web comic about a Trump Halloween party.

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Bad Candy

Suggestion to social media sites: How about no political ads within three months of the election?


How can you tell that Trump is a fucking moron?

Rex Tillerson is still Secretary of State.


Not only am I a male human but I've lived almost the entirety of my life in Dallas and/or Fort Worth. So, almost by definition, I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Or was.

You see, this past weekend Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones told his team, specifically the African-American ones, that they can either stand for the duration of a poem about a piece of cloth set to a British drinking song or they can sit out the game. Possibly even lose their cushy jobs as breeder farms for CTE.

Jerry Jones has more money than he can ever sanely spend. He doesn't have to listen to anybody, especially tire fires like Donald Trump. And yet, the Giant Orange Baby-Moron puked up something about "patriotism" and Mr. Jones stuck his tail between his legs and cowered.

What makes this worse is that Jones is MUCH smarter than Trump and yet he is pretending this kneeling stuff is about lack of proper respect for our troops/flag instead of a desperate attempt to raise awareness that seven times as many unarmed black men are killed by the police as unarmed white men.

Jones is, in essence, now part of the Vichy fascists and as long as he is the owner of his team I'm never watching another game.

We need equal justice for all much more than we need televised blood sports.


end rant

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Halloween party where everyone is dressed as a KKK Klansman.
Yeah, I didn't think anyone else would come as Trump, either.