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The progressive web comic about Soylent Green and Puerto Rico.

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It's People!

Here's my idea for fixing our broken presidential election system:

Get rid of it.

It's clear that the general public is almost completely unable to discern fact from fiction especially in a media landscape where the six CEOs who own everything we see and hear decide what we should, well, see and hear.

So how about instead of elections we begin teaching college courses in governance, a profession that should require no less a rigorous education process than those of law or medicine. It would be, at minimum a four-year course in world and American history, economics, mathematics, law, physical science,
and improv comedy.

Graduates could apply for any government job but
vying for the Presidency should require at least one term as a Congressman, Senator, or Governor. The final decision of who becomes the top Chief Executive would be a decision made by his or her peers, but only those who graduated at the top of their classes. This would prevent any "stuffing of the ballot boxes" by lesser grads.

And with free higher education this could mean literally anyone could be president, not just the very rich.

While I'm fantasizing about something that will never happen I would also like a pony.


Technical Note: The lad in the cartoon above is not holding a soylent green MRE, he's holding a copy of the book "Soylent Green".


end rant

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