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What The Clusterfuck?

Today is Day Four of my "Raging Pencils Winter Sloth-O-Thon", a celebration of classic RP 'toons while I reassemble my shattered psyche. This particular 'toon is from July 21, 2010.


On May 7, 2015, Donald Trump tweeted: "I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid."

Today Trump says: "Eat it, suckers! Eat it raw!".


Macy's is shuttering 68 stores. Looks like Trump is responsible for those 10,000 lost jobs.


The GOP isn't interested in the Russian hack of the election, mostly because their party benefitted from it, but now they urgently want to limit or eliminate Congressional investigations. I mean it's the first thing on their list of to-do's.

Hmmm, now what kind of investigations could they be worried about?



December 23: "Rockettes are confirmed for inauguration."
December 24: "Rockettes will not be required to perform."
December 27: "Rockettes can volunteer to perform."
January 4 : No Rockette has volunteered to perform.


Tickets are still available for the inaugural ball.

Yes, really. And only $250, $350 day of the event.

I could be wrong but I thought Trump was the second coming among his followers. A measly $250 a ticket is less than an NFL playoff game, or a NASCAR race, and comes with free food. How could they possibly resist?

Anyone else sensing a lack of enthusiasm?


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Tired of seemingly endless 5-4 clusterfucks? It's time to fix:
The Supreme Court
(1) Dramatically increase the number of judges:
" The is vote 1,263 to 572 against cow marriage."
(2) Require judges to campaign for office:
" Vote for me, 'cause I may or may not approve birth control."
(3) Forced retirement by age 125:
" Beg pardon, your honor, but when your head caved in was that a yes or a no?"
(4) Weed out mental defectives:
" The Earth is 5000 years old."
" Next".