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Have A Banana

Today is Day Three of my "January Classic Raging Pencils Sloth-O-Matic". This 'toon is from June 28, 2010.


I would like to request, no, beg, that all the top names in the entertainment industry sign up to perform at the Trump inauguration.... and then not show up.

Please. Do this. We would love you forever.


How you create jobs: Offer cheap lending rates to small businesses.

How Trump creates jobs: Lets corporations move assets around. Claims credit for any net job creation.


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just said that House Republicans have been planning for the past year on a unified government. Meaning GOP control of Senate, House, and White House.

The Senate refused to replace Judge Scalia unless a Republican was elected president.

During the debates Trump refused to say he'd support the next president.

NO ONE thought Trump would win, but he did.

Need more proof that the presidential vote was rigged?


You've no doubt seen "A Christmas Story", Jean Shepherd's nostalgic look back at Midwest Xmas rituals. I always wondered how his family happened to live next door to the hillbilly Bumpasses, but now I do.

I was recently gifted a wonderful book called "Hillbilly Elegy", written by J. D. Vance, that outlines the mass migration of Appalachians into the industrialized maws of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana during the early days of the twentieth century. These were people who lived by rough-hewn hill-country rules and who called their parents Mamaw and Papaw.

I recently discovered that the Stanfill clan largely originated from the wilds of Tennessee, which explains why I always identified so much with the Bumpasses... because we Stanfill's ARE the Bumpasses. (Which is probably worth a book all by itself.)

Anyway, great book. Check it out


end rant

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