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Hushed Little Children

Today is Day Twenty of "Is It Still President?" month here at Raging Pencils. Today's 'toon hails from February 28, 2014. The part about "compromise the election" really hits home, eh?


Republicans want to replace the ACA with HSAs, which is essentially a personal savings account. If you don't manage to save enough for your chemo, tough beans.

The obvious question is then why do we need insurance for our houses, our cars, our businesses? Why do we need insurance for anything if HSAs will do the job?

This is a clear evidence that the GOP is only interested in letting poor people die. And by "poor people" I mean the middle-class, too, what there is left of it. To these entitled bastards anyone outside of the 1% is dispensible.

Remember that.


Make no mistake. The Great Orange Negotiator went head-to-head with Mexico... and lost. His first great test of negotiation, a prowess he campaigned on, failed miserably. Even worse, he failed so bad that, if he'd had his way, the one's who would have been penalized by his solution would have been the American people, not the Mexicans.

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.


President Size Queen and his Republican chums all think the National Endowment for the Arts is too expensive at $150 million per year and, thus, want to kill it entirely.

Protecting Melania Trump in her New York home will cost taxpayers $1.2 million dollars a day or $438 million per year.

Now, which would you rather spend that money on?


In addition, the cretins in power want to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (Imagine Big Bird pausing during a lesson about the color puce to sell you viagra or beer.)

The cost for both it AND the NEA would only be $600 million a year or about $2 apiece from every American man, woman, and child.

This is kind of a no-brainer, which explains why Republicans hate informational programming. No brains.

Hah! I kill me!


Furthermore, why would we spend $25 billion on a useless wall when we cant spend $55 million to fix Flint, Michigan's water problem.

Yes, useless. If a Mexican citizen wants to enter our country all they have to do is buy a plane ticket. They can then stay until the Schutzstaffel, uh, I mean, the ICE ferrets them out.


Trump: I'm going to build the best wall.

Me: How much will it cost?

Trump: They tell me about $25 billion.

Me: We already spend $12 billion a year on border security.

Trump: See? So the wall is a bargain.

Me: Does this mean that after the wall is built we can reduce the cost of border security?

Trump: No, it'll still cost the same.

Me: So why are we building the wall?

Trump: So I could get morons to vote for me.

Me: In other words, you're spending $25 billion in taxpayer money in order to get elected?

Trump: I love this country.


In case you missed it:

trmp is illegitimate yard sign

Can you imagine how happy Groper McFuckface would be if signs such as this dotted the land? (Reportedly, this "illegitimate" stuff REALLY bugs him.... probably because he knows it's true.) It would break his tiny little mind even more than it already is. (And the sign works equally well when Pence deposes Trump.)

If you'd like one of these, and you know you do, I created a 24" X 18" double-sided version that you can purchase at Zazzle.com. Unfortunately it will set you back about $32, plus shipping. This price includes the wire holder.

As you might guess I'm not at ALL happy about the outrageously inflated price these print-on-demand places charge but that's their business model, not mine.

However, there's a cheaper alternative but I'll need your help. You see, there are any number of businesses that will print these signs in bulk for under $7, including the wire holder. Therefore, with shipping, the cost to the frugal progressive should be about $15 each.

That's better but, as I said, I'd have to buy a lot of them at once to get the price down. If I know there's a ready market for the signs I could front the printing cost myself. So if this idea interests you just use the Contact button at the top (not the Comments section) to voice your opinion.

And I'm not too proud to add that friends of the comic, those with somewhat deeper pockets, might consider volunteering to subsidize sales of the sign by making donations through Paypal, but don't do that yet. Let's first gauge the level of enthusiasm

And if anyone has better ideas for for undermining the authority of our new overlords, let me know.

PS: There is a THIRD option. If you'd like to print your own sign you can download the vector PDF.


end rant

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GOP elephant mom reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to her Republican spawn.
And when the Grinch looked down from atop Mount Crumpet and saw all the Whos singing and holding hands he suddenly realized that, uhhhh, pious people are gullible dupes! Yeah, that's it! So he feigned repentence and then proceeded to cut their entitlements, bust their unions, offshore their jobs, and compromise their electoral system.