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The progressive web comic about Republican indifference to American health care.

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Health Inaction

Today is Day Nineeen of "Duck and Cover and Shriek and Piss Yourself" month here at Raging Pencils. Today's 'toon hails from April 23, 2014.


"Hey, Trump! You won the election but you're still complaining. The only people who complain after the final score are degenerate gamblers, but I guess if you knew anything about gamblers your casinos would still be open." - Seth Myers


Take a gander at this:

trmp is illegitimate yard sign

Can you imagine how happy Groper McFuckface would be if signs such as this dotted the land? (Reportedly, this "illegitimate" stuff REALLY bugs him.... probably because he knows it's true.) It would break his tiny little mind even more than it already is. (And the sign works equally well when Pence deposes Trump.)

If you'd like one of these, and you know you do, I created a 24" X 18" double-sided version that you can purchase at Zazzle.com. Unfortunately it will set you back about $32, plus shipping. This price includes the wire holder.

As you might guess I'm not at ALL happy about the outrageously inflated price these print-on-demand places charge but that's their business model, not mine.

However, there's a cheaper alternative but I'll need your help. You see, there are any number of businesses that will print these signs in bulk for under $7, including the wire holder. Therefore, with shipping, the cost to the frugal progressive should be about $15 each.

That's better but, as I said, I'd have to buy a lot of them at once to get the price down. If I know there's a ready market for the signs I could front the printing cost myself. So if this idea interests you just use the Contact button at the top (not the Comments section) to voice your opinion.

And I'm not too proud to add that friends of the comic, those with somewhat deeper pockets, might consider volunteering to subsidize sales of the sign by making donations through Paypal, but don't do that yet. Let's first gauge the level of enthusiasm

And if anyone has better ideas for for undermining the authority of our new overlords, let me know.

PS: There is a THIRD option. If you'd like to print your own sign you can download the vector PDF.


end rant

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1984: Thousands of deaths from AIDS? What do you expect me to do about it?
2014: Thousands of deaths from lack of affordable health care? What do you expect me to do about it?