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Is It Coup Yet?

Today is Day Twenty-One of "Has It Been A Month Already?" month here at Raging Pencils. Today's 'toon hails from June 6, 2014.

This is the final recycled Raging Pencils in this series as Wednesday not only begins a whole new month but will feature whole new 'toons. I want to thank everyone who stuck around and watched me fiddle while the country burned (Or, at least, got heavily singed). I'm still not hopeful for a positive outcome from this election but it's heartening that there appears to be large, vulnerable chinks in the Republican armor. Onward.


The following is a public service announcement:

Please do not go to your favorite search engine and enter "trump hotels". And please do not click on the ad links in the results as they will cost the president about five dollars each time you do. If millions of people did the same thing the costs could be astronomical for our dear leader. So whatever you do, don't do it. It would be naughty-naughty-naughty and you could get cooties and die!

Also, do not set your browsers, upon opening a new window, to go to a search engine and automatically search for "trump hotels" as this would make it much too easy to accidentally click on one of the ads. If you did God would smite you and call you names and probably give you a shitty cloud to sit on and a off-brand harp to play.

Thank you for your attention. Heil, Hitler.


Comrade Trumpski has been saying that the New York Times is losing readership. It's actually increased its subscription growth ten-fold since the election.


You might hear apologists for his Cheetohness saying that his recent edict concerning citizens of other lands was "not anti-muslim", because it so totally was. This is important because his apologists are claiming that presidents Obama and Carter did the same thing.

They totally didn't.

While it's true both presidents put sanctions on Iran and Iraq it was because (1) Iran kidnapped 52 American diplomats (Carter) and (2) Iraq sneaked two al-Qaeda terrorists into the country disguised as refugees (Obama).

Twitler, on the other hand, tossed red meat to his supporters by specifically targeting muslims.

The huge crowds of protesters at the airports and in Washington plus the phalanx of civil rights lawyers who countered Agent Orange's ban swelled this progressive's heart with pride.

Why would Groper McSnatchy do this? As with most of his week in office he's been pulling largely symbolic stunts in order to keep the focus off the investigation of his possible collusion with Russia.


If The Wall ever gets built it won't be paid by those who voted for Trump... because Mexicans took their jobs.


end rant

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Parents: We're not qualified to raise children. But we'll learn.
Boy: I'm not qualified to drive a car. But I'll learn.
Girl: I'm not qualified to give CPR. But I'll learn.
Republican elephant: I'm not not qualified to debate the science over climate change. So when's lunch?