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Run for the Border

Today is Day Twelve of "Lefty Fiddles While Rome Burns", featuring a full months supply of classic 'toons that were irrelevant even before the pixels dried.

This particular 'toon is from June 28, 2013.


Several more musical performers, including Paul Anka and Jennifer Holliday, just decided not to attend Der GrabbenSnatchen's inaugural fest

I swear people are pulling out of this thing faster than Catholics under a full moon.


Trump is suddenly promising great health care for everybody again, which sounds suspiciously like Medicare for all (But ain't. Definitely ain't.).

Why now?

Perhaps because he needs many more gullible butts filling the seats at his inauguration. Indications are that the event will be more sparsely attended than inaugurations of late. Can't have that, now can we?

Proof of this seems to come courtesy of the Cheeto Benito's Facebook message on Monday offering free tickets to all. Six days before the inaugural event and he's having to beg to give away tickets.

How very bigly.


Finally, I'd like to thank Dak and Zeke and all the Dallas Cowboys lads for doing such a fine job this year of keeping my mind off of all the political unpleasantries which have been dumped in our laps. Looking forward to next year already... but not the next four years. Sigh.


end rant

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