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Psychopath Russia-Now

Today is Day Eleven of "The Raging Pencils Avalanche O' Reruns!", featuring the best classic 'toons my Patreon supporters can stomach.

This particular 'toon is from March 30, 2012.


Putin's Pocket President is criticizing Congressman John Lewis for his 'failing district'. For the record, John Lewis represents a majority-black district where 88% of adults have high school diplomas and 41% have college degrees.


In mid-October Hillary Clinton had an 81 percent chance of winning the election. One week after Comey's annnouncement her chances dropped to 65 percent.

Burn Comey.

Burn that useless waste of otherwise good protoplasm.


Today Barnum & Bailey's shuttered their circus biz. I guess all the clowns quit to work in the Trump cabinet.



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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Title: How psychopaths rationalize
Cardinal Fang: God cannot abide the heretic.
Hockey mask guy: Mommy, why didn't you love me?
Dr. Evil: The sheep must always perish so that the wolf may thrive.
Police officer: I thought he had a gun.
Rollover: BONUS EXCUSE: Hey! Looky there! WMDs! WMDss all over the dang place!