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Today is Day Ten (What? Already?) at the Raging Pencils Cartoon Salvage Facility and Humor Abbatoir, featuring only the finest in reprocessed pinko slime.

This particular 'toon is from June 22, 2012. It's also among a handfull of my very favorite 'toons.


How to win the 2016 Presidency, in five simple steps.

(1) Have your conservative pals on the Supreme Court decide, for no apparent reason, that money is speech.

(2) Barrel into small town, down-ballot races with sacks of cash in order to flood the media with ads in favor of the conservative candidate.

(3) Have your Conservative pals on the Supreme Court, for no apparent reason, gut the Voting Rights Act.

(4) Have the now-conservative state governments enact stringent voter ID laws, denying up to seven million Democratic voters, in four strategic states, the right to vote.

(5) Claim your victory.

Just a reminder: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. Trump won the presidency with 70,000 more votes in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Fuck Trump. Fuck the Republicans.


Prior to President Obama's first inauguration his approval rating stood at 69%

Trump's approval is at 37%, and dropping.

The majority of Americans know he's a fraud, but they always knew that. Trump didn't win the election. The Republican Party stole.


There will come a day when all misinformation is filtered from our media sources.

And we'll never hear from Republicans ever again.


At his recent "press conference" Trump asked "Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

No, but we're awful damn close.


I can't find where Trump has ever denied that there's a Russian sex tape. He has, so far, only attacked the messengers. This could means that there probably is one or more of them out there, and if and when they show up he'll just say "So? Was it illegal?" and then return to auctioning off Yellowstone.


If Trump were a Democrat and he was gifted the presidency by a mob of low-information voters he would be impeached on Day One.

By Democrats, if they had the votes.

Republicans won't do it, though. Trump's their useful idiot.


It occurs to me that the real reason that Trump won't sell his businesses is that he can't. He has too much debt.

Think of it as trying to sell a house whose mortgage is under water. (The fact he may not ever BE president factors in also. Cross your fingers.)


Personal note: Since I started posting comics Monday-Friday at the beginning of the year, albeit older ones, the foot-traffic for this web site has markedly increased. This is gratifying to the extent that after I get back to my regular three-comics-a-week schedule I will continue to post classic RagePence 'toons on a Tuesday-Thursday basis. Seven days a week of new material is a nice dream but this isn't "Garfield" where just any old gag will do. This dogma stuff is tough.


end rant

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