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The progressive web comic about the police killing of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Charlotte Hornets Nest

The police shoot and kill black people at five times the rate they kill white people. That should not come as a surprise as, judging by the number of people who support Donald Trump, forty per cent of America is racist.

And, hey, investigators in good old liberal San Francisco determined that there is rampant racism in their police department. The cops were discovered to be texting each other messages about abusing black suspects. In 2015 it was estimated that over a thousand cases of this kind of behavior needs to be investigated.



Speaking of racists, Donald Trump recently released a list of 88 retired generals and admirals who were publicly supporting him.

88 is kind of an odd number, right? Well, not really. It's white supremacist code. It works like this:

The 8th letter in the alphabet is "H". Two of them together is "HH", which stands for "Heil Hitler". Go look it up.

Yes, Trump is slyly honking the racist dog-whistle in front of your eyes.



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notice on telephone pole. Attention white Americans;
It is time to turn back the black menace, to forever end the scourge of the mud people. Join us today and with the power of the second amendment we shall make this white Christian nation great again!
Man, I hate that KKK stuff! It makes me want to…
Signed, your local Police Department.