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The progressive web comic about Russia internet hacks only benefitting Republicans.

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Hacks For Hillary

Very early on the Bush White House set up a private email server, using the domain name "gwb43,com", which was owned and hosted by the Republican National Committee. At least 22 high-ranking White House officials were using it to conduct business off-the-record. In other words, illegally. And even though there's a law that says all such emails should be saved it was the RNC's official policy to delete emails once they were 30 days old.

Hmm, wonder why?

Were the Russians capable of hacking these email servers back in 2003? Does Putin disappear unpleasant pundits? Of course they could have. Just think for a minute how much the Russians could have embarrassed the Bush administration, and knee-capped the whole Iraq invasion, which just a few candid emails.

All we know is that the Russkies have been gleefully hamstringing Hillary Clinton's campaign with email revelation after email revelation, even though nothing really incriminating has arisen. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's business dealings, also presumably hackable, are being studiously ignored by the Russians. In fact, he has invited them to steal more secrets from the Democratic digital vaults. A more cynical man than me might see more than just an amicable relationship between Trump, the RNC, and the KGB.

What do the Russians and the Republican Party have in common? They both like to incite conflicts as a tool to make fat profits from the business of war while using the instability that results to cripple the rights of the people.

Peace. There's nothing scarier to warmongers.


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Moscow, 2003. The Kremlin.
Russian: The Americans are invading Iraq. Should we hack their private email server and expose their lies about weapons of mass destruction?
Nyetski. Let's save the good hacks until a woman runs for president.