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The progressive web comic about the lies of 9-11.

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Details. Details.

The second photo in the "cartoon" above is, if such things can be said, my favorite image of 9-11 as it so nakedly exposes the lie of the "official story" of that tumultuous day. (Click here for a larger version.) Those sections of cladding, though made of an aluminum alloy, were probably pretty heavy so they certainly weren't drifting like leaves in the wind. They are obviously being blown away at very high speed. It's easy to estimate the one on the far right is at least 300 feet from the building. Newton's Laws apply to its location only if a LOT of kinetic energy is part of the equation.

The top photo on the 'toon is equally instructive as this is the exact area where a raging inferno, hot enough to melt structural steel, was supposedly occurring. And yet, if you look closely...

edna cintron

Yes, there's a woman standing there, looking scared but decidedly unbroiled. No fire, no smoke. Her name is Edna Cintron, a worker in the building. She did not escape alive.

So if there's no vast conflagration, where did all that smoke come from? In answer, take a look at this image. (Click for larger version)

the smoke of 9-11

Here's the thing you should know about fire... if the smoke is black that means materials are combusting. If it's white that means water is being applied and you're seeing the resultant steam. The smoke in the photo above is undeniably white and yet we've been told that the fire suppression system failed the moment the plane hit the building. So what the heck?

It's pretty easy to guess that this white smoke was the result of thermate which, when burned, gives off a pure white smoke. Its purpose was to weaken the perimeter walls and, no doubt,  the central core. Evidence of thermate has been found in the rubble though NIST totally ignored its existence. (NIST also said that WTC Building 7 dropped in its own footprints due to fire. Fuck NIST.) This smoke would have been very toxic so it's no surprising that so many people chose to leap from the building that day. It was either that or suffocate.

For an eye-opening look at how thermate could have been used to help bring down the World Trade Towers, please watch Jonathan Cole's video.

Yes, I know. I alluded to more than I could explain in one posting so go check out the video, read about Building Seven, and investigate the construction of the Twin Towers to see just how ludicrous the "official story" really is.

Never Forget... that you've been lied to.


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The perimeter wall of the WTC was built using large steel sections. To make the building more attractive the steel was clad in long pieces of aluminum-alloy casings.
On 9-11 this aluminum cladding can be seen flying away from the building at least 300 feet. That can only be the effect of explosives, nothing else.