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Shoot Me

There exists in this world a breed of man who persistently feels the relentless tug of the primordial forest. A rugged, self-reliant kind of individual who is happiest only when his hands are elbow deep in a fresh kill. A man that loves his gun better than his own mother and knows better than most how to wield it.

What does such a square-jawed, steely-eyed demon of the backwoods look like?

Nawww, I'm just kidding. That's Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the Senate, a man who wouldn't know which end of a shotgun to put in his mouth if you gave him three tries and a set of instructions featuring the Magic Footprints. All he knows is that he reliably receives dump trucks full of dough from the gun lobby to make sure crazy people can kill anyone they want to, anytime they want to.

Here's the deal, though... if we reduced the supply of guns to shotguns and hunting rifles, available only during hunting season, we could have the gun cake though the eating part would require actually traipsing out into the available forestland and gunning down a helpless woodland creature or two.

But, NOOOOOOOOO. If you pay off enough Senators, especially those who would gleefully exploit the selfish natures of idiots who want guns simply because they want guns, then we have to continually wade knee-deep through the damn things to get some eggs and milk, or pray to the god of our choice.

The GOP engages in naked greed and naked Second Amendment politics and we're currently being shown, thanks to Trump, that there's almost no end to the number of childish assholes in this country willing to support any selfish, covetous prick for Congress as long as they can continue to make a big noise with their boomsticks.


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