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The progressive web comic about climate change... on Venus.

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Star Light, Star Bright.

Respected Scientist Person: Why should we spend so much time and effort going to Mars? I'm glad you asked. We need to study the planet's ecology, to look for signs of life either currently or life from its ancient past. Understanding the geology of the planet is also important because comparative studies with what we know of Earth willl....

Okay. Look. It's actually because we've totally boned this planet's environment. There! I said it! Are you happy now?

Hmmm. How shall I put this? You know that kid who died on the world's tallest water slide recently? Well, that's us, people. We've hit the apex on the big greenhouse gas ride and we're rocketing down with a huge flood of it at our backs and there ain't no seat-belt. The faster we go means the faster temperatures will rise until BOOM runaway greenhouse at the bottom. That ripping sound you hear is every DNA strand on Earth disintegrating from the increased heat and pressure. There are no refunds.

Although announcing "We're taking as many intelligent humans to another planet and starting over and leaving the rest of you driveling lot behind to boil away to vapor" has a certain satisfying ring it would make funding the project rather difficult so, for now, it's "search for life". 'Kay?

So... next question?

Reporter: Yes. Do you think Donald Trump..?

RSP: Fuck you.


end rant

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