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The progressive web comic about Trump wanting Hillary assassinated.

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When I heard that Trump, Super Genius, was muttering something about "Second Amendment solutions" regarding dear old Hillary the first thing that went through my mind was "Hey, wasn't John Hinckley just released from jail?"

Yes, Dumb Donald could have saved himself a lot of grief and possibly gotten better results (I'm supposing) by simply spreading rumors that Hillary didn't like "Silence of the Lambs". Just sayin'.


My local newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, is, i my opinion, a progressive nightmare. In almost every important non-sporting news story you have to slog through the initial conservative gumbo until you reach the final couple of paragraphs. At which point, like a prisoner at Guantanamo who is treated with respect rather than waterboarded daily for weeks on end, you'll earn the reward of useful information.

This paper is so god-awfully philistine even the Sunday comics section runs the poisonously hidebound Mallard Fillmore as a means of "balancing" what they feel is Doonesbury's Satannic liberalness. Though that's probably correct if by "balancing" you mean running something punishably unfunny as a means of making exceptional comics more enjoyable.

What I'm getting at, and it hurts me to admit this, is that I quit subscribing to this terrible waste of trees years ago. It hurts because we, as a country, need to support our local news sources, although we should already be long past the "paper" stage of news and hip deep in some cheap and reliable method of electronic version.

All the news I get nowadays is from online sources and I'm beginning to feel guilty about it so I've decided to start paying for my online news whenever possible. Starting today I'm supporting the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times with hard-earned cash-money. I'll get to the rest as time and checkbook permits. Consider paying a few bucks for your news, too. It's important.

As for my local paper, I'll think about it.


Technical Note For Chess Wonks: Yes, I know the white queen is in the wrong place. It's a visual metaphor for.... well.... something.


end rant

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