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The progressive web comic about ail-in voting for Donald Trump.

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A Firkin of Bile

In case you haven't noticed there are exactly three months to go until election Day, which means a theoretical forty-one more comics lampooning Donald Jehoshephat Trump. If anyone out there thinks he's worth three dozen-plus wastes of my time, raise your hands. Otherwise I may turn my nimble fingers to matters of infinitely greater import, like littering, or cleaning the bathroom, or keeping one's nails trimmed to a proper length.


Oregon employs a system of signature-verified vote-by-mail and it works just fine, thank you very much. I heartily prefer their system prefer it to the easily-hackable computer voting booths we have here in Texas. It's recountable and there's a paper record of every voter, with a name and signature attached. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the GOP is trying to kill the U.S. Post Office by requiring the USPS to fully fund 75 years of its pension plan in just ten years. Meaning if the Constitutionally-guaranteed USPS eventually flounders there'll be a huge traunche of loot to divide among the victors. And that ain't you.

It also means vote-by-mail would almost die still-born. So vote progressive, help get that ridiculous law rescinded, and lets find better ways to secure the vote.


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