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The progressive web comic about public breastfeeding.

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It Does A Body Good

Beth: Wow! What a wonderful day to visit the park.

Jeff: Yeah, except that every other bench seems to be teetering from the assault of new mothers and their bloated decolletages fueling their freshest crop of anklebiters.

Beth: Jeff! that's terrible! There's nothing unnatural about breast-feeding.

Jeff: Oh, really? Then how about that one dressed like Lew Alcindor shooting threes at her cub's bulls-eye from the other side of the sidewalk?

Beth: Well, yeah, I guess...

Jeff: Or that lady over there. The one with a twin at each nozzle, twirling them in opposite directions like Gypsy Rose Lee's tassels at Minsky's.

Beth: That's, uhhh.....

Jeff: And if you'll glance to your left you'll notice a woman in red and she's...

Beth: Those can't be cats. Please tell me those aren't cats.

Jeff: They're not cats.

Beth: Phew.

Jeff: They're ferrets.

Beth: I-I-I think I need to go home.

Jeff: Oh, we're not done yet. Check the topless dame over there with the ugly wig, the circus clown make-up, and the huge, floppy boobs suckling its obviously undernourished child... oh, never mind. That's Donald Trump.


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Woman, stting on bench, breastfeeding her child. Man feeding breasts as though they were pigeons. Old man looks disapprovingly on: I'm sick of seeing all this breastfeeding in public. It's disgusting.
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