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Marionette Featurette

Over the weekend I was enraptured by a movie called "Anomalisa". The way I like to describe it is to imagine a man lost in a gray world, unable to enjoy music or perceive color, when suddenly he hears the most beautiful sound accompanied by the most radiant hues. It is a very unusual love story.

The film is animated using realistic puppets, with a side-order of surreality, making it even more magical. It's not for the kiddies as, puppetry aside, it features one of the most realistic R-rated sex scene I've ever viewed. It also uses a theatrical trick that can be a bit confusing at first but you won't ruin anything if you check out a review or two.

I found it at my local Redbox but it's probably streamable. Enjoy!


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Terrorist: Uh-oh. Says here that Howard Blumkin of Boogerville, Arkansas bought an assault rifle
Well, pooh! There goes our attack on his local Burger King.
Man, this sucks! I bought a new ammo belt and everything!
This is Obama's fault! He was supposed to take all their guns away!
Sigh. Maybe I should just sell shoes or something.
Hang on. Turns out he used it to shoot his wife and kids.
Both: Allah Akbar!
God bless the Second Amendment.

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