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The progressive web comic about the Republican 'thoughts and prayers' for the Pulse nightclub victims.
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Conservative Failureship

Early this week Democrat Chris Murphy staged a filibuster on the floor of the Senate, demanding a vote on more stringent gun control laws. After fifteen hours of shaming the Republican Senate leadership they gave in and called a vote. Then the Republicans all voted "No".

Actually, they voted "No fucking way liberal retard neener-neener gotcher nose and your mom right here LOL ROTFL what a newb I can't believe they fell for it fuck the gays in the hole with a mellow roll."

Then, on Wednesday, Democrat John Lewis called for a sit-in in the House until a vote was allowed for a vote on tighter gun controls. After several uncomfortable hours of enduring the Twitterverse's raucous lambasting of House Leader Paul Ryan he called the House to order for a VERY late-night vote.... to overturn a presidential veto that protects seniors from unscrupulous money managers.

Yes, it was a two-fer for these soulless conservative automatons. Screwing the public, who by a VAST margin want tighter gun restrictions, and letting their Wall Street pals know they can be counted on when it comes to screwing old people out of their savings... even though they didn't, or couldn't, change a damn thing.


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Scene: Gravesite of Pulse nightclub victims, attended by group of Republican Party elephants.
Forty-nine fewer democrats. Thank you, Jesus.
Dear God, please don't let anyone learn I hung out in their bathroom.
Thank you for giving them what they deserved, Lord.
Rot in hell, cock-suckers. Amen.
I can almost feel gun sales going through the roof. Halleleujah!
I beseech thee, Oh Lord. What is the best way to politicize this?
The GOP offers its thoughts and prayers.

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