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The progressive web comic about Mitch McConnell and NRA approved Supreme Court judges.
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Dear Mr. McConnell

I understand you're speaking for your base when you demand that the President only nominate judges who are approved by the NRA and I realize it galls you to cede any authority to a black man in the White house, but please consider this...

If a true liberal judge is chosen for the Supreme Court and it begins handing down strict gun-control decisions, one after the other, just imagine the massive torrent of campaign dollars that will begin to flood in to Republican party headquarters in order to fund 2nd Amendment political battles.

Massive. Floods. Of . Money.

It'll make the Koch boodle-bag look like Jack Benny's penny loafers.

You're welcome. Thank you for your time, and go fuck yourself.

Mike Stanfill


Here's the dumbest thing about demanding that Supreme Court judges bend to the whim of a murder machine lobby group... why stop at judges? Why not have the NRA put their stamp of approval on everything? Like a Consumer Reports for people who like to shoot and kill stuff. Shoes, soup, cars, dildos, everything should be fair game to the discerning eye of a group whose existence depends on the societal death spiral of fear and uncertainty. It sounds absurd but I guarantee that one day you'll be buying NRA-approved underpants. And probably sooner than you think.


PS, This comic was very, very, very, very late in coming because I just HAD to put in my two cents about this situtation and it was HARD finding the right angle to attack it from. I hope you all like it.


end rant

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What did Mitch McConnell mean when he said:
The President must only nominate Supreme Court judges approved by the NRA.
Red-Staters: It means we need a judge who will uphold the Constitution!
Politicians: It means he's positing a cynical litmus test designed to drive conservative gun-fetishists to the polling booths.
Liberals: It means white men with guns still get to tell black men what to do.

The progressive web comic about Mitch McConnell and NRA approved Supreme Court judges.