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Bullets Not Included

Even to a gun-fetishizing entity as "Guns and Ammo" the tsunami of guns flooding this country has become a bit of an embarrassment. This is illustrated by a recent article on their web site entitled "
The Best Countries For Gun Owners". Yes, they scoured the civilized world searching for other countries that were the most gun-friendly in an unsuccessful attempt to show we're not the only country that's lost its shit over guns. (Spolier alert: We have.)

The following is a list of these countries plus a brief, and I emphasize "brief", summary of their gun restrictions and laws. (My favorite is Switzerland.)

Honduras: No assault rifles, no open carry (NOC), guns must be registered with Ministry of Defense. If you want to buy a gun you have to buy it from one of 26 military-run facilities.

Finland: License required. All guns must be locked in homes. Self-defense is not a valid reason to own guns. NOC.

Serbia: Many, MANY restrictions on gun ownership. Limit of 60 rounds per year. You may not reload at shooting ranges. NOC.

Sweden: Sport or hunting use only and must pass examination. Can not be used for self-defense. Must be kept locked in approved safe. NOC.

Canada: Not for self-defense. Guns must be kept locked or rendered inoperable. Requires acquisition license. NOC.

Norway: Ownership not guaranteed by law. Requires license and qualifying course. Must provide good reason for gun license. NOC.

Panama: License requires background check plus blood and urine samples. No open carry. Guns, ammo hard to find and very expensive. NOC.

Switzerland: Requires license and registration for all guns. If your gun is stolen and used in a crime, you are responsible. NOC.

Czech Republic: Ownership not guaranteed by law. Background checks and competency exams required. NOC.

And the final country, no surprise, is:

USA: Buy all the guns you want. Shoot 'em wherever you like. Stand Your Ground means "no responsibilities". Be sure and take advantage of our helpless grade-schoolers, unsuspecting church-goers, and difficult-to-defend movie theaters.

Please notice the countries left off the list: France, England, German, Japan, Italy, Scotland, China, Australia, Russia... you know. The fascist states that take away your guns.


end rant

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Scene: U.S. International Airport.
Departures sign: Attention, you are now entering a gun-free zone.
Arrivals: Barrel full of complimentary guns.