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The progressive web comic about Donald Trump's resemblance to George W. Bush.
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Been There, Dumb That

Way back in 1990 then-wife of Donald Trump, Ivana, gave an interview to Vanity Fair Magazine in which she revealed that her hubby kept a copy of historical speeches by his bed. "My New Order" by someone named Adolf Hitler.

When the author of the story, Maria Brenner , confronted the Donald with this information he first lied about the book in question then lied about how he obtained it. To be precise, he claimed it was a copy of "Mein Kampf" (everyone has one of these, right?) and that it was given to him by a Jewish friend.

Oh, really?

The friend, Marty Davis, who worked for Paramount, turned out to be not Jewish at all, though the book he gave Mr. Trump was "Mein Kampf".

You can read the short version of the article here.


Also, Donald Trump joined his father's company, Trump Management Co., in 1968. At that time the company built and controlled tens of thousands of rental properties in the Northeast. According to at least one rental agent, they were instructed by the company not to rent to black people. This practice resulted in a civil rights suit by the U.S. Justice Department in 1973.

In a nutshell, Donnie-baby admires Hitler and comes from a background of rampant racism. What's not to like?


end rant

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Been there. Dumb that.
What would America look like with a rich, spoiled businessman as president?
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Dubya: Fool me once... You can't get fooled again.
The progressive web comic about Donald Trump's resemblance to George W. Bush.