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And May God Show No Mercy On His Soul

My first idea for a Scalia cartoon was a rendition of the Pearly Gates, in front of which stood David Bowie, Dan Hicks, Maurice White, Glenn Frey and Paul Kantner, all brandishing various weapons and just daring Scalia to set foot on their cloud. After all, these guys worked hard all of their lives to make the world a happy place. I doubted they'd willingly allow Antonin to just float in   stink up their just reward.

As if you couldn't tell I was not a fan of the man. He was a judge living in the 21st century who actually believed in the physical presence of Satan. Of his many dubious opinions one of the worst was that exonerating evidence of a crime should never be reconsidered, even in cases of the death penalty. The guilty are guilty, end of story, as far as that pompous turd was concerned.

Rest in agony, you waste of otherwise good RNA.


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Antonin Scalia as anchor, lose from a boat named Progress, rowed by Uncle Sam.