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The progressive web comic about zika and malaria and plagues.
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You Give Me Fever

Zika is certainly a problem but it's got nothing on malaria. (See cartoon above) So far, zika just seems like a good advertising sales tool for news departments but I'm encouraged that even Republicans in Congress seem interested in throwing some cash at the disease. The Prez is asking for 1.8 billion. Is that enough? Who knows?

Even so, it won't be cured or controlled by the time the elections roll around so expect a lot of "Obama dropped the ball" nonsense in the summer and fall

For the best description of zika read the vox.com article on the subject.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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RAnother zika story? Why? This thing has only killed three people in South America while malaria kills over 1000 children a day!
Because middle-class fear and uncertainty pay for your Ferrari, not a half-million dead African children.
Tonight: First ebola, now zika. Is America doomed to an endless parade of plagues? But first a message from Donald Trump for president.