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Shooting His Mouth Off

When Donald Trump first hit the stump for the presidency my initial opinion was that he was there to function as a far-right-wing loony who'd make the other candidates seem sane by comparison. Little did I know that the other 1,127 candidates didn't get the memo and proceeded to attempt to out-loony him. The result is the unseemly pie-fight that broke out at the last Republican debate.

But now, after a few primary/caucuses, I have a clearer understanding of his intent, which is to function as a virtual freak show, bringing out the yokels and artificially swelling the crowds. Without him headlining the debates the rest of the candidates would be met with a collective yawn. New Hampshire may have had record turn-out but Trump received over 100,000 of those votes, more than McCain or Romney received in 2008, and he's not even going to be on the ballot in November.

No, he's not.

He didn't "accidentally" cut his own throat among conservatives by placing the rightful blame for 9-11 on Brushy "Cutter" McFlightsuit. He hung it out there like a giant floating turd in an effort to grease the exit ramp. Trump doesn't really want to be president because he knows it's hard, HARD work. He'd much prefer fleecing suckers in the real estate biz. Oh, he'll stick around for awhile, maybe even go third-party, but he's just ego-tripping.

When Mr. Obama says Trump won't win the presidency, bank on it. The President plays 3D chess. Trump plays Monopoly.


Bonus Cartoon Time! I've just created another comic for the cheerful folks over at friendlyatheist.com. I can't post it here because its for them and them alone (for now, anyways) but here's the first couple of panels to get you started. Click the little dang thing to see the whole dang thing, dang it!

atheist toon


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