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Trump of the Will

Some of you may have been thinking to yourself "Where the Hell has Lefty been the past two weeks? Isn't he supposed to be enlightening the masses every other day with his majestic displays of indecent progressive crankery?"

Well, I'll tell you where I've been.... I've been right here in my studio, sitting in front of my computer, trying to make some sort of sense out of Generalissimo Tinyhands McPussygroper's new cabinet.

So far, nothing. But hope prevails, for the questionable quality of Tinycuck McOrange cabinet picks almost seems to indicate a covert desire on his part to be relieved of duty by the Electors. If these Electors actually DO their duty Tweety McFucktheunions' replacement would, sadly, be a Republican (I didn't say "another Republican" because Groper's in it for himself) but nothing could be as loathesome as the shitstorm the voters excreted all over our Republic last month.


BTW, I'm not making up the poll questions and answers in today's cartoon. PPP asked Trump voters many of the same sort of questions and the answers came as if from some alternate reality. Check it out, if you dare.


I always, deep in my gut, thought that Mr. Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize a bit prematurely, but after witnessing the pure diplomatic shit-show of both Trump and Dubya I think the Swedes knew what they were doing.


Trump on the stump: "If you send your company overseas I'll charge you 35% tax to sell your goods here."

Trump using other people's money: "Hey, Carrier, keep your workers here and I'll give you $7 million dollars in bribes, uh, I mean, tax breaks."

Shouldn't Carrier be having to take a drug test to warrant all this welfare dough?


There's some Breitbart propaganda going around that says Hillary Clinton only won 57 counties. It's more like 487, but here's the thing...

The nation's largest county, Los Angeles County has 9.8 million people (roughly 3% of the entire country lives in this one county!). The nation's smallest county, Loving County, Texas, has 82. So the not-very-Breitbarts of the world are really arguing that counties with 9.8 million people are equal to counties with 82 people.


Philipine President Duerte has a policy of murdering drug users without resorting to any legal process. Recently Duerte, in a conversation with our new Commander in Conflict, says that Drumpf told him he's doing it "the right way".

Appalling? Yes. Frightening? Yes? Can't happen here? Wrong.

We live in a time of "stand your ground", where it's already legal to kill someone in the act of a crime, or if you even suspect someone may harm you. It's only a small step to turning a blind governmental eye to politically expedient vigilantism of any stripe.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Pardon me! We're taking a poll of Trump voters. Could you answer a few questions?
Do you think Trump won the popular election?
Yes. By a landslide.
Did Obama drive the stock market up or down?
Way down.
Has unemployment gone up or down over the past eight years?
Way up.
Did millions vote illegally for Clinton?
Hmm, according to these results, you're dumb as fuck.
Dude, you can't believe polls..