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Fucking Florida

I'm delighted to hear that recounts of the election vote are planned in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania but why are people overlooking the suspicious Trump vote totals in Florida?

George W. Bush received 3.86 million votes in 2004.

McCain got 4.04 million votes in 2008.

Romney got 4.16 million votes in 2012.

From year-to-year, the needle barely moved, but in 2016 Trump got 4.61m votes. That’s a half-a-million votes from out of nowhere in a state where Hillary Clinton received 275,000 more votes than Obama in 2012.

(Technical note: In each of the above four states Trump won by 1% of the vote. That's statistically impossible.)

Show me another state in 2016 in which Trump's vote total increased by 10% over Romney's.

Pardon the vernacular but this stinks like shit.


end rant

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