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Trump of the Will

Long, long ago our forefathers decided that it would be quite handy to begin marking the passage of time so they decided that the year of the fabled birth of Christ would be an awesome place to start, thus our current use of BCE (Before Common Era) and AD (Anno Domini). We're now in year 2016 and that number, though arbitrary, works just fine as long as you don't get into an argument with the Chinese or the Jews. However, I think it's time we consider a new designation:

AC, or "After Comey".

James Comey, the worst FBI director since J. Edgar, has, through his catastrophic mishandling of the Clinton emails, probably doomed the world to an inevitable global, possibly nuclear conflict. Trump, as president, will go to war against Iran. He will also re-invade Iraq and take their oil, which is mostly being sold to and China.

Yes, that's why Trump's being antagonistic towards China. They're getting all that yummy oil which Russia thinks they deserve and to whom Trump will be all too happy to serve it to them on a silver platter.

So war in the Middle East, increasing tensions with China, nukes everywhere, and who knows which other country Trump will clumsily insult.

Welcome to Zero AC.


You may be asking yourself "Why would Putin have such interest in putting a tiny-fingered puppet like Trump in the White House?"

As in most everything in contemporary conflict the answer is "oil".

You see, Putin's economy is based on oil and ever since the barrel price dropped into the thirties the ruble has collapsed. Russia needs high oil prices. Badly.

The price drop was no accident. Mr. Obama was fighting, and winning, a quiet economic war against Russia by allowing fracking to have free reign in this country. It increased the crude supply dramatically and drove oil prices down, which meant cheap gas, which left more money in the pockets of consumers, which helped drive the economy over the past eight years. It also socked it to Putin.

Yes, it meant more greenhouse gases but that was neatly offset by the Cash For Clunkers program which resulted in increased gas mileage across the board.

This is why Trump is against climate change science or renewable energy. His oil masters want fossil fuels to be the de facto energy source again. And they want to charge a lot more for it. Glut or no glut.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

And in continued efforts to define his administration President-Elect Donald Trump today nominated In Your Face as National Security Advisor, Get Bent as head of the EPA and Up Your Hole With a Mello Roll as Attorney General. And Vladimir Putin as the Beaver.