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They Buried Us

During an NPR interview a security advisor to the President said that Mr. Obama plans to take action against Russian interference in the elections "at the appropriate time".

I'm hoping this means the Obama legal team is busy assembling the scaffolding they'll use to hang Trump and his treasonous conservative playmates.


I got to thinking today: What should be our ultimate goal in life? Should it be to become wealthy, to have a big family, to lead the kind of life that brings you one step closer to a seat at Jehovah's right hand?

No. In my opinion there should be one goal, and one goal alone, that should be paramount to every person on Earth:

On the day you die, leave the planet the way you found it. Or as close to that as humanly possible.

That way all of our monuments to the rich, all of our genetic antecedents, all our unachievable Heavenly aspirations can continue unabated rather than wafting away in the resultant cauldron of runaway greenhouse effect.


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