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The Malignant Party

There is no longer any need to worry about the environment. There is no need for most Americans to concern themselves about the availability of safe drinking water, or clean air, or good health care. There is no reason for most of us to expect legal abortions or fair elections or good schools or safe food or a higher minimum wage. There is simply no longer hope of a better future for most Americans.

There is no longer hope for this country.

The One Percent now own the ninety-nine percent one-hundred percent, and they're led by a monster.

There was not one major poll that predicted that this orange joke of a human would win the election and yet the Republican Party ran the table. And the results weren't simply close, they were insultingly close, rub-it-in-your-face close.

When Trump claimed this election was rigged it wasn't the raving of a lunatic, it was a bully laughing behind his hands at a secret only he was privy to.

It's quiet outside, just moments after the announcement of 270. You'd think somewhere there would be a celebratory note, but it's like midnight on Christmas Eve only no one's singing, just a sense of quiet panic. There are millions of Americans who are horrified at what just happened, but the real pain is just beginning.

I did the best I could over these past few months to convince my countrymen that Trump was unfit to lead. Now, thanks to the efforts 50 million idiots and a handful of very clever hackers we're all going to get to see just what that looks like.

Thanks for nothing, assholes.


Recommendation for the Democratic Party: Your candidate for 2020 has to be Walter White. He's white, he's male, and he's a successful businessman who knows about fighting the health industry. Plus he's a good crossover prospect as Republicans obviously can't tell a fictional TV character from a real person.

Bonus points for knowing how to exact revenge on one's enemies. Republicans LOVE that shit.


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Today america was delivered into the hands of despots through the actions of fools and the connivance of the malignant.