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Those Crazy Kids

I realize that, at this last date, I'm not going to change anyone's mind on for whom to vote, like I ever could, so I just decided to make one last potshot at the 40+ percent of Americans WHO HAVE LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS in the belief that Donald Trump is anything other than a snake-oil salesman.

All the info I've gathered thus far predicts a Hillary win of between 322 and 357 electoral votes. Since the people positing this information have stellar pedigrees I'm inclined to believe. The next 24 hours WILL be fun, however... if by "fun" I mean "filled with existential dread".

Stay strong.


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Things children believe
kid: There is a Santa Claus.
girl: Jesus watches over me.
The Tooth Fairy takes your old teeth and leaves you money.
Our dog got sent to a farm.
Redneck motherfucker: Trump will make America great again.