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The progressive web comic about Trump's connection to Russia.

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Below the Belt

Hillary tried to warn us during the Nasty Woman Hootenanny, better known as the third presidential debate, that Trump had become a mouthpiece for the Russian government or, more appropriately, its puppet.

In a story by Newsweek Magazine we're learned that Trump's been happy to spread information and misinformation supplied by Russian hackers and his associates are quite comfy in that big, cozy, Russian bed blanketed with loot for all.

In the meantime we've learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as "Trumpland" because of all the white, male RWNJ's it employs, is actively and probably illegally making scandalous allegations concerning Mrs. Clinton. Information the media is all too happy to breathlessly relate to the roiling mob.

So we now have the KGB, the KKK, and the FBI, plus FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC, all working for the GOP to give the USA to a narcissist with ADHD.

Yeah, this is certainly a fair election.


hursday afternoon I put on my nice, clean "Howard Dean for President" t-shirt and went to vote at the local rec center. I stepped into the gym and noticed lots of voting booths but only a scant number of voters. They were mostly old, white folks wandering aimlessly about. It had the feel of the lobby of a Trump hotel.

I showed the worker my ID and asked for my free cheese. She ignored me. Typical capitalist.

I was given my mark of Satan, I mean, a computer-coded ID sticker and shuttled quickly off to another worker who asked my preference. My pants were ready to say "Scarlett Johansson" but a tiny remnant of brain I'd saved for just such an emergency blurted out "Democrat". The worker looked at me as only someone who's heard the same quip a hundred times and said "No. Which booth?". I asked for the one that smelled the best. She guided me towards the closest one and beat a hasty retreat.

I leaned over to the guy in the booth next to me and asked him the answer to question 12. He didn't answer. Some people.

After straight-voting for the non-fascist, non-greedhead, non-child-raper party I hit the big, friendly "Vote" button, jizzed my shorts in unbridled ecstasy, and then trundled home to wallow in the splendor of truth, justice, and half-price Halloween candy.


Dang! We can no longer use the Cubbies as a metaphor for inept failure.

There's always Trump, though.


end rant

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