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The progressive web comic about the GOP depending on racism to win the presidential election.

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We Want Our Votes Back!

Several states, with Maryland at the forefront, are enacting legislation that awards all of the state's electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. The practical upshot of this idea is that it will make the electoral college obsolete because if enough states sign up the election would automatically be awarded to the candidate who wins the most votes not the most electoral votes.

Crazy, huh?

Yes, red state party machines will continue to try and hinder the vote among progressives but the effect will be muted as they'd have to implement the process nationwide. (Hillary Clinton lost lost Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona to just such conservative voter suppression.)

This also means that if you're a Blue in a Red state YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT AGAIN. So share this idea with your friends and let's drive the process forward.


One more thing... after Tuesday's election catastrophe I felt that any further attempts on my part to raise social consciousness would be a waste of my precious time on this good earth. That, by all evidence, the great proportion of citizens of this great republic have completely lost the ability to reason. To these people my cartoons are as indecipherable as Egyptian hieroglyphs would be to a stegosaurus, and that saddens me.

But, after a few days contemplation, I've decided that I will continue in my liberal labors. No one should give up and, to those demonstrating in our streets in protest of this mockery of a president, much power to you! You are the true patriots.


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