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The progressive web comic about fake news on Facebook.

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Fake Facebook News

Hardly a day went by during the 2016 presidential campaign when any number of naive doofii didn't post a bit of lurid info on my feed from what was obviously a fake-news site. And yet, according to sources, which may or may not be fake, such bogus information was perused by curious readers at rates which exceeded examination of real news.


No doubt many Facebookers were predisposed to seek and breathlessly share macabre fantasies involving Hillary Clinton and, dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnn, MURDER! among other grisly topics. Unfortunately, too many of these same Facebookers let this crappola sway their judgment when it came to picking our so-called "leaders".


I hear Facebook is now banning these sites from being shared but, sadly, they're one election too late.


Interesting Factoid-Thingy: Because of the peculiarities of the Electoral College a person running for president could receive 78%of the total vote and still lose the election. Check this short yet entertaining video to see the details.

Yes, our system of voting in this country for supreme Leader is, pardon the vernacular, FUCKED. UP.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty talking to Trumpoid on fire: I just heard that facebook users read more fake news stories than factual ones.
Trumpoid: Like what?
Like "Clinton thinks Trump voters are so suggestible they'd douse themselves in gasoline his suggestion."
Yeah. Sucker born every minute. Right?