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The progressive web comic about Trump's claims of rigged elections

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Rig Rage

The Trump conspiracy theories can be summed up in one of two distinct possibilities:

Either there is a massive global conspiracy where all the wealthy elites, the press, scientists, government officials, Democrats and Republicans are working together in a way in which no evidence has ever manifested in order to arrest the ambitions of the most noblest of men.


Trump is an asshole.


For those feeling nervous about the upcoming election keep this is mind:

The finest political statistician on Earth, Nate Silver, is currently giving Hillary Clinton an 88% chance of winning the presidency.

This, of course, only has salience if you vote. Now go vote, goddamit!


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Donald Trump: When you rig real estate schemes to lighten the purses of suckers, and you rig your taxes so you don’t have to pay any, and you rig IPO's to benefit yourself and not your investors, and you rig your charitable foundation so you can steal from it, and even rig business meetings with pretty girls so you can take advantage of them, then You just know that everyone else is rigging elections.