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The Toad Elevating Moment

What is the point of a third presidential debate? We already know almost everything about Hillary because the Right has been studiously putting her public and private life on display for the past thirty years.

There is, without doubt, much we need to learn about Groper McSmoochy-Pants but asking him for details rarely results in useful response. He might as well appear at the third debate wearing a wife-beater and sitting to one side silently reading the sports pages, only looking up to ask if "the bitch is through talking yet" before taking a swig of Pabst and then opining miserably about the lack of quality Yankee relief pitching.

Consider the slavering devotion of his supporters Donald's performance would neither hinder nor aid his chances of gaining the White House.


Here's a good question: If Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is saving the empty Supreme Court seat for Donald Trump to fill, and Donald Trump has already been abandoned by his party, what is McConnell waiting for?

Hint: It has something to do with Mr. Obama's deep, rich, luxuriously golden tan.


You know what makes me smile in almost delirious anticipation? Once Hillary's been elected and the Senate has been resupplied with Democratic reinforcements President Obama will have 17 glorious days beginning January 1st, 2017, to nominate all the federal judges he wants. And the Senate will pass them all.


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