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The progressive web comic about guns in Heaven.

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Miss Me?

Here's a question for all you good, god-fearin' members of the NRA:

Do you believe that there are guns in Heaven?

Unless you good folks believe that Heaven is actually a cloud-based reproduction of your current corporeal existence, complete with iPhones, toaster ovens, and butt-plugs, I'm pretty sure you've never envisaged assault weapons as part of the Eternal Plan.

So if the policy of "no guns" is good enough for God, shouldn't it be good enough for us down here on Earth, too?


I missed creating a cartoon a couple of days last week but I had a really good reason.

Once the third presidential debate had ended, after Mrs. Clinton scorched Trump like a Samsung cell phone, after she sunk him like a spun-sugar dinghy, after she nailed him like a composition roof, after she broke him like a bad tooth, after she burned him like General Sherman, after she flattened him like a Kansas horizon, after she blasted him like a Saturn V orgasm, after she cooked him like a turducken flambe', after she buried him like an Atari 2600 ET game cartridge, after she bruised him like a hemophiliac banana, after she hosed him like Ron Jeremy under a full moon, after she spiked him like an Enron electric bill, after she hammered him like one of the Three Stooges a sense of calm washed over me.

"It's over. It's done. The orange, entitled, perverse, illiterate fuckwaffle is through. I have no need to ever care about anything he says or does again."

A Democratic president was now inevitable, along with a Democratic Senate. Who could blame me for taking a breather while we await the celebrations no doubt to occur late in the evening of November 8th.


end rant

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