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Sweet and Sour

Can anything the President accomplishes make the GOP happy?

No, because they're all jerks. Big fat jerks who smell funny and fart a lot. Fart-fart-fart!

I hope Mr. Obama calls Speaker Ryan on an hourly basis and apologizes to him for the horrific Iranian quagmire for which the White House is now responsible.



Over the weekend I journeyed to the land of $5 bottles of water and blew the wad on "The Martian", a movie that was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Comedy (I'm not kidding) apparantly because the "science" in the story is Gilligan's Island-level absurd. I will not go into detail as that would take most of the afternoon to fully document every stupid plot-point but it really bothered me that a mission-trained botanist spent over a year on the surface of Mars and didn't utter one word about his search for life on the planet.

You know, the VERY FUCKING REASON he was sent there.

Apart from all that, a pretty good popcorn film if by "popcorn film" you understand me to mean "open your skull, remove your brain, and replace it with a bag of gummi bears". Gack!

Over and out.

BTW, defend the book version all you want. I haven't read it and most likely won't. I'm just saying that the movie version was juvenile nonsense from almost the first frame.

In my very humble opinion the movie is most egregious in that it gives the general public the idea that sending humans to Mars is almost trivial. It is punishably propagandistic in that regard as nothing about getting people there and back will be easy or safe. Cosmic rays and solar flares will be among the many potentially lethal problems that will be encountered. Let's continue to put our money in robots. They work and we get better at them all the time.


end rant

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