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how to restore the economy
How to restore the economy.

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The progressive web comic about how Republicans lie about the economy.
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Outta Here

Have yourselves a swell weekend, chaps and chappettes!

BTW, I'm still not entirely convinced that the Rump will be the GOP nominee in November but, hell, might as well take a few cheap shots while I can.

One more thing: Some of the numbers I used in the 'toon are rather, shall we say, "dynamic", but they're as close as I can get without hiring Robert Reich to do my research for me. Deal with it.


end rant

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McCain: The fundamentals of our economy are strong
Trump: The Obama economy is a complete disaster.
You can either believe them or your lyin' eyes.
Unemployment rate: 2008 8.3% 2016: 5%
GDP growth: 2008: -5.4 2016: 3.9%
GM stock price: 2008: $1 2016: $30
Dow Jones: 8000 17,000
Consumer Confidence: 37.7 101
Troops deployed: 2008: 190,000 2016: 15,000
Annual Deficit: $-1.4 Trillion 2016: $-483 Billion
Uninsured rate: 16% 12%