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The Undeterred Turd

Sometimes ya just gotta, you know, let it out. (That's another turd reference. I am not ashamed of this.)

And, no, that's not Bernie up there. I drew the old geezer for fun and realized later that he was quite Sanders-esque, so I consider it a bonus.


You know, maybe I'm too harsh on the guy. How about we just let Donald convince us using his own words:

trumps american dream

On second thought, nahhhhhhhhhh!


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Imagine a huge sticky ball of dung rolling down a hill composed of used razor blades, toenail clippings, and assorted scabs.
Now imagine every news outlet breathlessly relaying each and every moment of the turd's progress because it generates massive ad revenue.
And further imagine throngs of morons throwing themselves into the steaming, fetid mass because they want to be part of the spectacle.
And that's the Trump campaign in a nutshell.
Gosh. You make politics seem so simple.