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Holy Bottled Water

If you lack a dependable water supply. If a gypsy curse prevents you from buying commercial glassware. If your immune system is so weakened that you cannot sip from public fountains. If you have certifiable evidence that bottled water is superior to tap water. If you are emotionally unable to be more than ten feet away from a potable water source at any given moment. Then drink bottled water whenever you please.


Future generations are already going to be pretty damned peeved over the way we wrecked the environment with our poison-powered vehicles, but they just might find the immense piles of plastic water bottles buried in landfills so intolerable that I wouldn't blame them if they invented a machine that would resurrect the dead just so they could revive us all and whack us endlessly on the snouts for being such selfish, thoughtless pigs.


Some of you may have noticed the post time of my more recent comics has become a bit, um, erratic. I used to be pretty fanatic about having the 'toon ready for viewing as close to one minute after midnight as possible but lately it's become somewhat difficult to come up with good ideas.

You might say to yourself "Lefty! Just look at the news! There's all sorts of good material courtesy of the ilk of Donald Trump!"

And that's sort of where my problem lies. I've already determined that Trump is a turnip and nothing I can add will make him appear any less adorable to the cretins and morons who applaud his lunacy.

Secondarily, much of my attendant soapbox is built on issues like the environment, vegetarianism, gun control, civil rights, etc. and there are just so many ways to say "Hey! The ways we've always done things is stupid!" before I doom myself to what is no more a repetitive, lazy running gag than Charlie Brown trying to kick that damn football or Garfield generally being a dick.

In summation, I realize if I'm late with the 'toon there's not much you can do about it than hope I wasn't hit by a bus so I apologize for any undue suspense on your part. My 'toons may not always be on schedule but they'll get here. Trust me.


end rant

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